On 3 April 2020, the Minister of Finance announced proposed changes to the Companies Act to protect companies affected by the Covid-19.

Wage Subsidy Scheme - We advise care when dealing with employees, and encourage employers to seek advice where needed.

Family Law

Many families whose children spend time between different homes are asking how this will impact care and contact arrangements.

Commercial & Business Law

With New Zealand heading into a lockdown situation, the Emergency Clauses in Leases are going to come under scrutiny.

We are working hard to make certain that we have the right protocols in place that will allow us to continue to work together with clients, whilst protecting your wellbeing and ours.

Minimising the spread of COVID-19 within workplaces is important to ensure employees are kept safe and well at work, while also ensuring other obligations are met.

A building owner’s obligations can vary depending on the design, use and occupants of each particular building.

In the Community

Congratulations to the Stingrays

Many of us think about making plans in preparation for when we die. But what happens if you lose your ability to make your own decisions or to properly look after yourself?

The Ministry for the Environment has released the Resource Management Review Panel’s issues and options paper.

The Panel seeks comments on the paper and proposes 44 specific questions to answer. It welcomes submissions until Monday 3 February 2020.