Neighbours are commonly grappling with issues about their fences.  It is therefore important to know your rights and obligations when it comes to fences.

The Government has announced it has accepted all of the Holidays Act Taskforce’s recommendations. Employers and employees can expect legislation reflecting these changes to be introduced prior to the next election.

Further to our note in September 2021 about the proposed changes to the intensive winter grazing (IWG) regulations, these have now been finalised. This article outlines what the amendments to the IWG regulations mean for farmers.

Family Law

The Family Court (Family Court Associates) Legislation Bill has recently been introduced to deal with the significant backlogs in the Family Court.

Good employment relationships are central to a business’s success. However, sometimes these relationships break down.  Where a matter cannot be resolved informally, or urgent relief is required, either party may refer the matter to the Employment Relations Authority.

COVID-19 has placed unprecedented stress upon businesses and employers across New Zealand. While some are struggling to fill roles, others are discovering that they need to restructure to reduce costs, or operate more efficiently.

The penalties that apply to excess breath/blood alcohol offences vary depending on the age of the offender, the level of breath/blood alcohol detected, and whether there has been previous offending of the same or a similar kind.

After more than two years of Covid-19 lockdowns, alert level changes and the traffic light system, for many workplaces the mindset of 9-5 Monday to Friday at the workplace is shifting.

Asset Protection

Many Trusts that were established in the ‘Trust boom’ around 20 years ago may now be faced with a trustee who is losing capacity. This can be a tricky situation when trustees are trying to deal with Trust assets.

Dealing with a loved one’s passing is a difficult time. In this article we explain, in plain English some of the common legal jargon that you might encounter in the estate’s administration process.

The Ministry for the Environment has released an exposure draft of the National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity