Asset Protection

What if you have children from a previous relationship? You may want to provide for your children in your Will, but also wish to make sure your new partner is looked after.

With our borders opening up again, the lure of hopping on a flight that lasts more than 2 hours is strong. Regardless if you are packing your bags for two weeks or two years, there are several things you should consider before you get to that boarding gate.

A recent court decision gives trustees guidance on two factors that can be considered by trustees when making distributions to beneficiaries.

The long-awaited Trusts Act 2019 (Act) has arrived! The Act aims to update trust law and make the law accessible to all (not just lawyers). 

There is currently a Bill before Parliament that will amend many aspects of Trust Law contained in the Trustee Act of 1956. In anticipation of the overhaul of Trust Law it is a good time to consider whether the current trustees of your Trust are still the best people for the role.

This article talks about the main ways that Wills are challenged in the Courts.

Trusts are a firmly established mechanism for protecting and managing assets in New Zealand. The upcoming changes in trust law are long overdue. However, such changes are also sure to call into question the country’s fixation with family trusts.

This article focuses on actions people can take to increase the effectiveness of a residential care subsidy through reducing the value of their assets.