New fees and forms are introduced with small changes to service requirements due to recent amendments to the Resource Management (Forms, Fees, and Procedure) Regulations 2003. 

Minister for the Environment Nick Smith announced on 9 August 2017 that the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2014 (NPSFM) would be amended and gazetted on 10 August 2017.  This represents the third set of amendments to the NPSFM since it was first gazetted in 2011 and then replaced in 2014.

The Government is proposing new legislation to introduce Urban Development Authorities (UDAs). The proposal focuses around urban development projects, these are not limited to residential and can be in greenfield or brownfield areas.

Historically, New Zealand's urban planning has developed without a great deal of guidance from central government, but this is about to change if the recommendations in the Report (released 19 August 2016) are implemented.

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The Environment Court has sent a sharp lesson to expert witnesses (and counsel) about the dangers of failing to comply with the Expert Witness Code of Conduct in two recent decisions.

Environment & Resource Management

The recently announced Māori Housing Strategy cites planning restrictions as a key aspect of why Māori are under-represented in housing ownership.

Environment & Resource Management

The Resource Management Journal published this article written by Vanessa Hamm and Bridget Bailey from Hobec Lawyers Tauranga in their April 2014 edition.