Property Law

The amendments to the Unit Titles Act 2010 and Unit Titles Regulations 2011 bring about many significant changes for body corporate managers.

Property Law

After much delay and consideration, amendment of the Unit Titles Act 2010 and associated regulations have been approved. The amendments modify the law in many significant ways.

Your relationship status changes the validity, or otherwise, of your Will. So too does the death of a former partner.
Read on to find out what you need to do, and when, to ensure you protect your assets.

The Court of Appeal recently released a judgment concerning the scope of a restraint of trade clause, following the sale of a business. 

Have you recently purchased a vehicle that has turned out to be a lemon? You may have more protection than you think.

The Ministry for the Environment has released an exposure draft of proposed changes to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2020 and the Resource Management (National Environmental Standards for Freshwater) Regulations 2020.

Being arrested or summonsed to Court can be a life-changing process. Having to navigate an unfamiliar process and make decisions, often under time pressure and sometimes with public scrutiny, is hugely stressful. 

These days, it feels like there is so much “red-tape” and cost that comes with doing building work on your land that is very hard to justify doing it (or doing it properly).

The Government has recently released New Zealand’s first emissions reduction plan (the Plan), which sets out policies and strategies to meet the first emissions budget (the Budget).

If you have been appointed as an executor of a Will, then when that person dies you are responsible for administering their estate and carrying out their wishes according to the Will.  An executor’s role can be very straightforward, or it can be fraught with conflict.

Are you looking to buy your first home but don’t quite have the deposit or home loan required to purchase the home you want? 

The Government has proposed a draft national adaption plan that aims to build climate resilience over the next six years to the irreversible effects of climate change.