As an employer, you have an obligation under the Immigration Act 2009 to check if a potential employee has the legal right to work for you in New Zealand.

Historically, New Zealand's urban planning has developed without a great deal of guidance from central government, but this is about to change if the recommendations in the Report (released 19 August 2016) are implemented.

Deciding whether an individual who carries out a task for money does so as an employee or in some other capacity is fundamental to the application of employment law.

Property Law

The Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill comes into force on 1 July 2016 imposing new obligations on residential landlords in relation to insulation.

All employees must be paid at least the minimum wage for every hour that they work.

Commercial Law

Leases are important - they are long-term, binding commitments.

Property Law

Buying and selling, in principle, is quite a straightforward matter. The standard form Auckland District Law Society agreement which has been evolving over many years (assisted by interpretation in the Courts) provides additional support and certainty on most issues. However, any transaction still requires individual careful thought.