Holland Beckett Law strives to be a leader in environmental sustainability and believes that protecting our environment is critical for our employees, clients and community. We are committed to:

  • Operating as a sustainable law firm, and is always evolving its efforts to become more sustainable.
  • Minimising the short and long-term impact of our activities on the environment and our local communities through responsible environmentally sustainable practices at work.
  • Promoting a positive culture through implementing initiatives that foster sustainable practices.

This Policy will be updated as we continue to learn and develop our sustainability practices. It is publicly available and we will openly share it with interested parties.

Below are just some of the sustainability initiatives that Holland Beckett Law operates:

Purchasing ‘Green’
Purchasing decisions are now made with an emphasis on sustainability. Wherever feasible, we seek to reduce plastic packaging and single use plastic items in favour of materials and supplies that are recyclable or biodegradable.

Holland Beckett Law is part of Tauranga City Council’s Resource Wise programme and has obtained Bronze Accreditation, while we work towards further accreditations by reducing our waste further. As part of our efforts, we have a comprehensive recycling system, which includes batteries and technology where possible. We also have a worm farm which food scraps are fed to. We provide washable containers for staff that purchase sushi and salads from local food outlets and provide reusable coffee mugs to our staff to ensure they do not use takeaway cups from cafés. We continue to look for ways to reduce the waste we create.

We encourage the use of public transport and cycling to work, including through its ‘Septembus’ initiative where each September staff are encouraged to use buses to get to work, with the cost of doing so covered by the firm. We have implemented similar initiatives in the past for carpooling. We also provide electric vehicle charging stations for both staff and clients, and safe bike storage.

Paper Reduction
Holland Beckett Law is currently in the process of phasing out paper files, in a step towards becoming a ‘paper free’ office. All office communications are now digital, we discourage unnecessary printing and copying, encourage use of duplex copier settings, and we continue to work towards reducing paper in our offices.

Educating Our Employees
As a firm, we have undertaken an initiative to communicate with our employees about the importance of operating as a sustainable business, and how they can do their part.

Future Development
Holland Beckett Law is currently part of a joint venture that intends to develop a new, purpose built, 5+ Green Star rated building/premises in Tauranga. The site has already been acquired and we are at the concept design phase. This will be the City’s first 5 Green Star rated building.