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Holland Beckett Law provides a comprehensive estate service for clients and can assist with everything from preparing estate planning documents, administering estates, professional trusteeship, advice on contentious estates and defending or pursuing claims against an estate.

Holland Beckett Law's Estate Administration team has a wealth of experience and can assist with the administration of simple and complex estates, including where somebody passes without a Will or if there are claims brought against the estate.

We advise on:

  • Estate Administration (including transferring property, selling shares, repaying debts)
  • Intestacy (where someone has passed away without a Will)
  • Probate Applications
  • The sale of estate assets (for example, commercial and residential property, a business, shares, occupation right agreements)
  • Administering life interest or ongoing estates
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Administering estate assets in other countries (including reseal of probate)
  • Māori Land Succession/Estates
  • Executors’ duties and beneficiaries’ rights
  • Claims against an estate
  • Asset protection and planning updates following estate administration

If you require assistance with an estate and want prompt, professional and sympathetic services, then talk to us today.